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[python #OOC-759788]: Metpy Forecast Soundings


Thanks for reaching out! Glad to hear our packages are useful to you! 

Unfortunately, forecast soundings do not come in as nice of a form as 
observational soundings. NCEP transmits forecast soundings in the BUFR file 
format. It's a goal of the Unidata Python team to support reading these files 
within the near future, but it is not currently a capability of MetPy, Siphon, 
or the main scientific Python stack. ECMWF has been working on a Python package 
to do this (see their site here: https://github.com/jdkloe/pybufr-ecmwf), but I 
have not played around with it to see how friendly it is to use. 

As far as data sources go, all I've been able to come up with is the NCEP pages 
for their data (for RAP: https://www.nco.ncep.noaa.gov/pmb/products/rap/). It 
doesn't look like NCEI hosts BUFR data in their archives. Hope that points you 
in the right direction. You may need to contact someone at NCEP for more 
information on how they distribute this data. Also don't know if you have 
easier access than the general public through your WFO system.

For compositing soundings, if you're just wanting to plot multiple soundings on 
one plot, you can call "skew.plot(pressure, *variable*) as many times as you 
want. If you're wanting to average a number of soundings together and then plot 
the composite, the averaging can be done with NumPy.mean or a variety of other 
statistical frameworks from the NumPy or SciPy packages. 

Hope this is helpful - apologies for the slow response,
Zach Bruick 

> Good Afternoon,
> I am a forecaster for the NWS WFO Austin/San Antonio and currently working
> on a project where I am trying to composite many different forecast
> soundings from multiple dates and also plot a mean. I was wondering if you
> know of a data source for either RAP or any other forecast sounding that
> would easily be brought into python?
> I watched the video on how to bring in University of Wyoming sounding plots
> and it was very helpful. Is there any set of instructions out there for
> forecast soundings? and also compositing multiple soundings on top of each
> other?
> Thanks!

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