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[python #DVT-547480]: help on NCSS


Siphon is not looking at individual files, but rather the THREDDS Data Server 
is a providing access to a virtual dataset that combines the output from 
multiple files.

If you're having trouble accessing certain times, the data may not be 
available, you may need to adjust the call to `datetime.utcnow()`. If I try to 
request data beyond the time available in the dataset, I get:

HTTPError: Error accessing 
Server Error (400: Requested time 2019-06-03T15:09:58.848Z does not intersect 
actual time range 2019-05-13T00:00:00Z - 2019-06-01T12:00:00Z)

This took a lot of work for me to hit however. Can you send me the actual error 
you receive so we can identify whether this is actually a problem with the 



> HI,
> Thanks for providing the example NCSS_Cartopy_Example.py. I ran it, and it 
> works fine. However, I wonder
> how I should modify the code after
> query.lonlat_box(north=43, south=35, east=-100, 
> west=-111).time(datetime.utcnow())
> query.accept('netcdf4')
> query.variables('Temperature_surface')
> when I try
> data = ncss.get_data(query)
> if there is no file at the given time. At present, it breaks and just stop 
> there. I wonder if I can check if the remote file at the given
> time exists first, and if it exists, the I can use data = 
> ncss.get_data(query) to fetch it.
> Thanks for your kind help.

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