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[netCDF #XWB-340875]: nf_test fails while trying to compile netcdf-fortran

Hello Ole,

My apologies for the delay in responding to you.  The test-suite.log file you 
provided has the following contents:

        netCDF 4.4.0: nc_test/test-suite.log

    # TOTAL: 14
    # PASS:  14
    # SKIP:  0
    # XFAIL: 0
    # FAIL:  0
    # XPASS: 0
    # ERROR: 0

    .. contents:: :depth: 2

 I suspect you may have provided the wrong `test-suite.log` file; this one does 
not show any errors.  If you provide the correct one, I'll be happy to help 
diagnose this issue.

Thanks, have a great evening,


> Dear support Team,
> netcdf-c-4.4.0 has been successfully installed, but following the bootstrap 
> procedure for the fortran libraries
> *   $ ./configure --enable-remote-fortran-bootstrap --prefix=$HOME/local
> *   $ make check
> *   $ make install
> *   $ make build-netcdf-fortran
> *   $ make install-netcdf-fortran
> I get a nf_test failure. please See logfile attached.
> I'm working on Ubuntu 14.4 and still a beginner, so please let me know if you 
> need further informations.
> Thanks and kind regards,
> Ole
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