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[netCDF #ANY-749300]: using netCDF within a FORTRAN program

Hello Maurice,

Unfortunately, we do not officially support the netCDF Fortran interface under 
a Windows environment.  While it has been reported to us that some users have 
been able to build netCDF-Fortran using Windows and Visual Studio (to generate 
the .dll file), this is not something we officially support yet.

If you are able to build the Fortran DLL, you will also need the netCDF C 
library; the Fortran library provides an interface to the C library for use 
with Fortran software.  The C libraries may be downloaded (for Windows) from 

I'm sorry I can't provide a more positive answer, but hopefully this 
information will be useful to you,


> I apologize but english is not my natural
> language and I am unable to under stand the page
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/netcdf/docs/building_netcdf_fortran.html
> I have been hired to translate R program to FORTRAN. We use Intel's
> Fortran . Nowadays netCDF is used within R and I have to use it within
> the FORTRAN programs I am building. I have a netCDF.dll and a netCDF.inc
> but they are not compatible.
> What would be the best for me is to get a 'netcdf.dll' and a 'netcdf.inc'
> working with Intel's fortran ie with an interface block. So my first
> question is "has anyone already did it ?"
> The second option is that I build my own DLL from the sources I got from
> your site. But I have a lot of difficulties with compilation constants
> not being declared (for example : EightByteInt). Are those constants
> part of a file that I forgot ? And, If I built the DLL, I do not have
> to use the C netCDF library right ?
> I thank you in advance for all the help you can give to me !
> J. MAURICE in France
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