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[netCDF #WAH-567826]: NC_UINT functions fail with error (-45)

Hello Tori,

This is certainly unexpected behavior, so it may be a bug, or it may be 
something with how you are working with the file.  Can you tell me a little 
more about how you are using the netCDF library? It appears that you are 
writing a program which links against it and that you are using the C API; is 
this correct?  

If so, would it be possible to get a small test program from you? Small in the 
sense I wouldn't want you to spend a lot of time crafting it, whatever is 
easiest for you and demonstrates the issue.  This will let me see if the 
problem is in the API, or it will give me a starting point to determine if 
there is a bug in the library.

If you aren't able to provide a sample of the error, is it possible to test 
your program on a different platform? I'd like to rule out a platform-specific 
issue, if at all possible.  

Thanks in advance!


> Full Name: Tori Fae
> Email Address: address@hidden
> Organization: Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory
> Package Version:
> Operating System: Linux 64-Bit (RedHat)
> Hardware:
> Description of problem: Hello,
> I have downloaded the CENTOS variants of HDF5, compiled the NetCDF libraries 
> with success and am linking to the objects for NetCDF, HDF5, ZLIB, SZLIB and 
> so forth.
> Everything seems to work fine. I can create NetCDF files with data that seems 
> correct.
> However, when I use the data type NC_UINT (as I desire a 4 byte unsigned 
> value) or any of the related functions (nc_put_var_uint, etc) an error 
> results.
> Changing it to nc_put_var_int or long makes everything work correctly (aside 
> from the data type being not as I desire).
> The error code is -45 which translates with nc_strerr to:
> "NetCDF: Not a valid data type or _FillValue type mismatch".
> Please let me know what I might be doing wrong or if there is a bug out 
> there. I looked through the forum and archive. I saw an issue in September of 
> 2014 for 64 bit unsigned... but nothing for 32 bit unsigned.
> Sincerely,
> Tori Fae

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Ticket ID: WAH-567826
Department: Support netCDF
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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