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[netCDFJava #QQO-385265]: Unable to read grib data using OPENDAP

Hi Ann,

Sorry, I probably should have commented my code a little to explain what's 
going on.

There are two "shape" arrays we're concerned with: shape and readShape.

shape is the original shape of the variable (e.g. Temperature).

readShape is the size of the chunks that we're reading per loop iteration. In 
my example, we're assuming that the variable is 4D and that its dimensions are 
ordered time-z-y-x. We're going to read one time slice at a time (again, this 
is common, but not required).

So, if we imagine that the original shape is [100][100][100][100], we're going 
to use a readShape of [1][100][100][100], which is a chunk equal to one time 
slice. There are 100 time slices total.

readShape will remain the same each iteration, but origin â the location 
within the original shape from which we'll be reading â must change. We want 
something like:


We accomplish that by setting origin[0] = timeIndex, and running timeIndex from 
0 to shape[0]-1 (shape[0] is the length of the time dimension).

Hopefully that clears things up for you. Let me know if you have other 


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