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[netCDF #PSA-339289]: netCDF 4.3.3 build problem....


Solaris 9 (SunOS 2.9) is a pretty old platform that doesn't incorporate
some of the C99 portability that's available in the stdint.h header file,
for example, but some of the netCDF C library depends on integer
type definitions from stdint.h. We had a Solaris 10 platform here on
which we tested netCDF-4, but I don't think we tested on Solaris 9.

I see we have a file libsrc/pstdint.h that's supposed to provide some
of the portability macros provided by C99's stdint.h, but it's not
completely portable, and that seems to be the cause of the compile
problems you're seeing.

We no longer have a Solaris platform available for testing, and even if
we did, it wouldn't be that old. Is it possible to use the fact that it won't
even compile the netCDF library as a justification to upgrade it to a more
recent version of Solaris? That's all I can recommend at this point, unless 
you want to do some debugging, find out exactly which portability macros
stdint.h are needed, and find out how they should be defined for your
Solaris system ...

Or maybe you can get a more recent version of SunStudio-11 that runs on 
Solaris 9 from Oracle, and try the C compiler that comes with that.


> we seem to fail building netCDF 4.3.3 on our Solaris computer. Attached an 
> e-mail with the details.
> Best regards,
> Michael Schick (EUMETSAT)
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