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[netCDFJava #YCN-767203]: Using native NetCDF 4 library with assertions enabled


How are you building your test program? I keep getting a NullPointerException 
at line 47 (getting the format).

I agree with John, this feels like some kind of conflict, though I'm not quite 
sure how given the file is closed between calls from the different library.


> Hi Peter:
> Not sure why the HDFView library messes up, but perhaps a link conflict? Do 
> you get the problem when you just use the HDFView library and not the 
> netcdf-java library?
> If you look at the attributes of a variable that is chunked in a netCDF4 
> file, you will see one called _ChunkSizes that has the chunk sizes in them. 
> Im not sure if theres one for the compression algorithm, though we would 
> consider adding it.
> John
> > Hi Ryan,
> >
> > It works fine for me as well under OS X 10.10 if I remove the HDF Java 
> > stuff (which I do have installed, got it from the HDF web site).  My issue 
> > is that in my code, I need to use the HDF Java library in some cases.  For 
> > example I read and write data in HDF 4, and in NetCDF 4 / HDF 5 the only 
> > way I could find to detect chunk size and compression of a variable in a 
> > NetCDF 4 file was to use the HDF object library directly.  In this test 
> > program I've provided, I'm using HDF Java in exactly the way I need to in 
> > my actual code.  Do you have any recommendations on how to perform the HDF 
> > 4/5 operations I need without having to resort to HDF Java?
> >

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