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[netCDF #QJR-396855]: NC files

Good morning Michal,

Even if we had the staff to support it, we do not do contract work or work for 
hire.  I am curious about the various HDF5 dll errors you are encountering, 
because this should not be the case.  The good news is that if we get this 
working you should be able to use ncdump to extract data from the files; you 
would then need to parse this output to get output similar to whatever nc2text 

Regarding your other email from NOAA, we have had a version of ncdump.exe which 
works with netcdf-4 files since version 4.3.0. Are you using the Windows 
binaries available from http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/netcdf/win_netcdf ?  If so, 
which bundle did you download and install?

The installers come bundled with the required hdf5 (and other dependency) dll 
files, but require you to install these into your system path manually.  This 
is typically c:/Windows/system32 or c:/Windows/system.  This is because 
otherwise I could not ensure that I would not overwrite existing files. So, 
please be sure you are not overwriting anything before you copy anything into 
these directories.  

If you can provide the exact hdf5 dll error you are receiving, I can try to 
provide some guidance as to what it means and how it might be corrected.  
Otherwise, I'm afraid that there is not much else we can do.  


> I cannot get any of your downloads to netCDF to work and keep getting
> various HDF5 dll errors. I need a standalone compiled program to read
> data from NOAA netCDF files.
> I have been using a compiled nc2text embedded in my own programs that
> worked like this;
> nc2text hgt.mon.mean.nc hgt[1,1,1,1]
> and spat out the numbers I need that I could capture and use to produce
> graphs and maps automatically. I need a compiled nc2text command that
> will work with NOAA's current compression methods using HDF5 libraries.
> I am willing to pay you money for you to provide me with this compiled
> command because I cannot find any other way to continue my work.
> Regards
> Michal Snow

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