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[netCDF #MAX-132149]: Net CDF Libraries for Windows..

Good afternoon Murty,

The latest version of the netCDF-C libraries for Windows are the
netCDF 4.3.0 release candidate 4, released today.  The source
code and online documentation may be found here:


The binary downloads and documentation are available here:


The specific information that will be of use to you depends
on how you want to build/use the netCDF-C libraries
in Windows. Building netCDF-C from source in a Windows
environment using Visual Studio requires the CMake utility, 
available from http://www.cmake.org.

If you are building netCDF-C from source in Windows using
the MSYS or Cygwin environments, you may follow the 
standard linux compilation instructions.  Note that cygwin
compatible netCDF-C libraries are available on Windows through 
the cygwin package manager.

Please note that the pre-built libraries were built under Windows 7,
using Visual Studio 10.  Other versions should work, but have not
been tested.

I hope this is enough information to get you started; if any other
questions come up, please feel free to ask.

Have a great evening,


> I here by request some direction on the netCDF libraries for Windows for
> 32bit and 64bit windows machines.
> What is the best way of doing this.  I also heard that we can down-load
> pre-compiled versions for  use in Windows. Any information on this will
> be highly appreciated.
> Regards,
> Murty

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