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[netCDFJava #OBX-662219]: Projection issue

Hi Lluis :

The problem is that you are storing the attributes as strings, but they should 
be numbers. Can you change these files?

  char Lambert_Conformal;
     :grid_mapping_name = "lambert_conformal_conic";
     :dx_m = "2000";
     :dy_m = "2000";
     :latitude_of_projection_origin = "-31.34806";
     :longitude_of_central_meridian = "146.1";
     :true_longitude_of_projection = "146.1";
     :grid_north_pole_latitude = "90";
     :grid_north_pole_longitude = "0";
     :Lambert_Conformal:standard_parallel = "-27.5, -35.";
     :standard_parallel = "-27.5, -35.";

also you should probably delete this one:

  :Lambert_Conformal:standard_parallel = "-27.5, -35.";


> Full Name: Lluis Fita
> Email Address: address@hidden
> Organization: Climate Change Research Center
> Package Version:
> Operating System:
> Hardware:
> Description of problem: I have a netcdf file which uses a portion of a 
> Lambert Conformal projection. The issue is that when I plot the values using 
> toolsUI, the data is projected in a wrong place. If I remove the projection 
> variable 'Lambert_Conformal', then the data is properly projected. The main 
> problem is that the section of the domain lays outside of the parameters of 
> the Lambert_Conformal projection. So, when I remove the variable with the 
> projection information, toolsUI uses the 2D lat/lon and the data is therefore 
> properly drawn.
> You will find the example in the following link:
> http://df.arcs.org.au/quickshare/3fd9a92720dd4f18/CCRC_NARCliM_Sydney_MOM_1990-2009_wssmean.nc
> http://df.arcs.org.au/ARCS/home/lluis.fitaborrell/godiva2/CCRC_NARCliM_Sydney_MOM_1990-2009_wssmean.NOLambert_Conformal.nc
> I am not sure if this is a CF-convention issue or a toolsUI. But any help 
> will be very appreciated.
> The data is part of a big project which will use threads to disseminate the 
> data, which uses Godiva2 to plot the data. Godiva2 is java-based platform 
> using old version of toolsUI libraries.
> Many thanks in advance,
> Llu?s

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Ticket ID: OBX-662219
Department: Support netCDF Java
Priority: High
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