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[netCDF #QTC-832048]: NetCDF4.2 trouble reading data with strides from aggregated data.

There are two issues.
First, there is your stride problem.
I have a fix and am testing it now.

Second, and unconnected to the stride problem.
There is an issue with how ferret
handles projections on grids.
[I should note that corresponding requests
on TDS give similar problematic results]

Consider the following url with constraint:
If I put this in a browser, I get back this:
Dataset {
    Float32 sst[time = 133][y = 2951][x = 3657];

However, the DAP2 spec was changed a couple of years ago
so that the correct result should be this:
Dataset {
Structure {
    Float32 sst[time = 133][y = 2951][x = 3657];
} sst;
The reason for the change was to remove an ambiguity because
not including the Structure{} lost scoping information.

I should note that the following url
properly returns this:
Dataset {
    Structure {
        Float32 sst[time = 133][y = 2951][x = 3657];
        Float64 time[time = 133];
    } sst;

However, there is a true error for this url (different from above):
It returns this:
Dataset {
    Grid {
        Int16 slp[time = 23322][lat = 73][lon = 144];
        Float32 lon[lon = 144];
    } slp;
} PSDgriddedData%2fncep%2ereanalysis%2edailyavgs%2fsurface%2fslp_aggregated;

This is a error because it is a malformed Grid rather than a Structure.
It only seems to happen when the last map is in the projection set.

I should note that if I do this corresponding request
with the first url:
it works ok; no idea why.

=Dennis Heimbigner

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