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Re: Another question for you

Hi Ian,

> Some time ago we developed DaL (an acronym for Draw and Load), a tool for
> loading files into databases via a GUI.  It has been provided at no charge
> to users who've licensed one of our database extensions.  Until recently it
> only worked with PostgreSQL and Informix, because those are the two
> databases for which we have extensions.  We've now got an in-house version
> of DaL working with Oracle, but we're not yet ready to release Oracle
> versions of our database extensions.  Given that DaL is pitched to users of
> NetCDF files, do you have any thoughts on whether it's likely to be of
> interest to Oracle + NetCDF users?  It does allow loads into Oracle
> GeoRasters.

I don't know of many Oracle + NetCDF users, so I may not be the right
person to ask.  I know that NOAA had (and probably still has) an Oracle
license agreement for use across several of their data centers that
also use netCDF, but I haven't had questions from anyone about ways to
make them inter-operate on the same data.

> PS: Here's our current description of DaL:
> *     By drawing lines between graphic nodes representing file contents
> and database tables, a user controls how data is stored 
> *     The current version of DaL works with Informix and PostgreSQL 
> *     DaL has support for two BCS database extensions (DBXten and Grid
> DataBlades), but it can also be used without them 
> *     DaL uses Unidata's NetCDF Java library and hence can read from any
> Unidata Common Data Model (CDM) file or protocol 

I'm forwarding this to the two netCDF-Java developers here, in case they
know whether this would be of interest to netCDF-Java users.


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