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[netCDF #QUV-870371]: NetCDF Attribute Convention for Dataset Discovery (DRAFT)

Hi Glenn,

The NACDD is used by a number of groups and supported by the ncISO software, 
https://geo-ide.noaa.gov/wiki/index.php?title=NcISO , which translates 
netCDF/NcML/CF/NACDD metadata into ISO 19115-2 metadata. Because of its wide 
use, we removed the "DRAFT" status some time back (about 1 year ago). 
Unfortunately, the "DRAFT" label somehow made it back onto the web page. (A 
mistake on our part. Sorry about that. And thanks for catching it.)

The NACDD has not been ratified by any standards group, though it has been 
discussed by the CF group. There has been some discussion about updating it and 
proposing it to the CF group but the momentum has not emerged yet for that 

Yes, conformance to this convention is not well-defined in the specification 
document. The NOAA/NGDC group that developed ncISO discusses conformance on 
their NACDD pages here:


Hope that helps,


Glenn Comiskey wrote:
> Hi,
> As a newcomer to the world of meteorological/oceangraphic datasets I was
> wondering if you could help with a couple of questions I have regarding
> the NetCDF Attribute Convention for Dataset Discovery (ACDD) which,
> along with other conventions, I've been ready.
> Firstly, do you know what the current state of the ACDD convention is
> giving that the associated URL
> (http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/netcdf-java/formats/DataDiscoveryA
> ttConvention.html) indicates that the convention is still in draft form,
> and that no updates have been made in nearly six years. Did this
> convention every get ratified by someone?
> Secondly, given that all the quoted attributes, with the expection of
> the global attribute :Metadata_Conventions, are optional (Highly
> Recommended, Recommended, Suggested) how can a dataset conform to the
> convention as there is no requirement to include any attributes.
> Conversly, it could be said that every dataset conforms to the
> convention by default as there are no requirements only optional
> attributes, no matter how strongly advised that they should be included.
> Kind regards,
> Glenn Comiskey
> Data System Administrator
> Fugro Global Environment & Ocean Sciences

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