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[netCDF #NBR-155156]: Installation of parallel HDF5

> Dear Unidata-support,
> I have for quite some time now tried to install netCDF with parallel
> libraries for fortran f90 on my virtual Linux-machine (64bit) without
> any success.
> This installation is crucial for me since I need the netCDF in order to
> read in data for a scientific model I'm about to explore and later on
> improve as a part of my PostDoc.
> The problem is that I don't know where in the installation I go about
> it in the wrong way. If it is already in the installation of the
> parallel-hdf5 or further down the stream.
> Attached here are the config.log and "make check"-files from the hdf5
> insta llation.  I would be grateful if you could help me to locate and
> solve this problem.
> Kind regards,
> David

Howdy David,

You are using netCDF 3.6.3, which is several years old, and contains no 
parallel I/O features. It's purely sequential I/O.

If you would like parallel I/O you need to get the latest version of netCDF. In 
fact, I suggest you get the latest daily snapshot and try that:

Build it according to instructions here:

Parallel I/O is available for netCDF-4/HDF5 files via HDF5, but HDF5 must be 
built with --enable-parallel. Parallel I/O on classic and 64-bit offset files 
is also available via the parallel-netcdf (formerly pnetcdf) library. It must 
be installed before netCDF is built.

Good luck,


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