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[netCDF #JCA-425092]: compiling netcdf4.1.2 with IBM parallel compilers fails

> You may close this ticket, since I solved the compilation problem (note
> that the testing still fails as described in the ticket # NRN-957511)
> For the record, this was due to how IBM XL compilers behave:
> xlc_r (which works ok for netcdf) hasn't a parallel version called "mpxlc_r"
> cc_r (which does not work ok for netcdf) does have the parallel version,
> called mpcc_r which is the usually used one (but behave differently from
> xlc_r)
> So I tried to use the -qlanglvl=stdc99 argument to mpcc_r to make it
> more similar to xlc_r but that failed. In fact the right option was just
> -qcpluscmt (which allows C++-style comments, without the whole c99 std
> which breaks on macro redefinition for mpcc)
> In case somebody asks, more information is available in bluefire in
> /contrib/netcdf-4.1.2_mpi/installlog
> Regards,
> Davide Del Vento,
> NCAR Computational & Information Services Laboratory
> Consulting Services Software Engineer
> http://www.cisl.ucar.edu/hss/csg/
> SEA Chair http://sea.ucar.edu/
> office: Mesa Lab, Room 55G

Howdy Davide!

The C++ comments on IBM compilers is something that comes up in every release. 
Seems like I just can't get programmers here to stop using C++ style comments. 
We might have to explore shock collar technology for this. I will keep working 
on a way of incorporating such tests into our night build/test cycle. 



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Ticket ID: JCA-425092
Department: Support netCDF
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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