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Re: netcdf-java bufr question

On 9/15/2010 10:58 PM, Michael Heir wrote:

I am hoping you can assist me with a problem I am having.  If you are not the correct person, please let me know who I should contact.  This email may seem long, but the problem I'm describing is relatively straightfoward.

I am attempting to decode BUFR files located:


The latest NetCDF 4.2 library works, and I am able to decode everything I need except for some time/date values in the file.

For instance, doing an XML Dump of the data, I see

      <struct name="struct2" count="0">
        <data name="Year" bufr="0-4-1">2010 </data>
        <data name="Month" bufr="0-4-2">7 </data>
        <data name="Day" bufr="0-4-3">7 </data>
        <data name="Hour" bufr="0-4-4">7 </data>
        <data name="Minute" bufr="0-4-5">7 </data>

As you can see, the Year is correct, but "7"s exist for all other values of the date.  This pattern repeats many times in the file, and also repeats for every file I've tried to read. 

There are two timestamps at the beginning of the XML Dump that appear correct.  The first looks like the issue time of the file.

I think the timestamps that are marked with "7"s are actually supposed to indicate the valid-time of the data it is associated with.

Could this be a bug in the library? 

Thanks for any assistance.  It is greatly appreciated.


Hi Mike:

Latest 4.2 release (4.2.20100917.2021) should fix this. Please let me know if you see any other problems. Thanks for reporting.


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