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[netCDF #PXE-716414]: netcdf fortran90 windows implementation

> Dear support,
> because being stupid, I've started to write the Fortran90 interface
> declarations for the windows version (intel fortran 11.1 compiler).
> There are still about 100 functions (out of about 300) to interface and
> I'm wondering if it is worth the effort (because all the test stuff has
> to be done as well) and ask therefore if someone else has finished this
> awesome task already.

No sorry, as far as we know, no one else has done this, except maybe the
GLIMMER project, as described here:

We usually recommend using cygwin and gfortran to get a Fortran-90
interface on Windows.

> I started because after having spent some days in writing my file
> specification in Fortran90 (Solaris mpif90) I was not very happy to
> recognize that the windows version is still incomplete and I thought it
> would be less effort (and perhaps useful to others) to write the
> interfaces instead of reimplementing my stuff in Fortran77.
> As a starting point I've had a look at the hdf5 Fortran90 interface and
> ended in code like this:
> INTEGER FUNCTION nf_inq_var(ncid, varid, name, externalType,
> numDimensions, dimensionIDs, numAttributes)
> integer, intent(in) :: ncid, varid
> character (len = *), intent(out) :: name
> integer, intent(out) :: externalType, numDimensions
> integer, dimension(:), intent(out) :: dimensionIDs
> integer, intent(out) :: numAttributes
> C,reference,decorate,alias:'nc_inq_var'::nf_inq_var
> END FUNCTION nf_inq_var
> as a (copy/paste) replacement for (much simpler version - but not
> compilable with intel fortran in windows):
> integer,              external :: nf_inq_var
> At least it compiles - but I've no idea if it will pass the tests or if
> there is some more to think of...
> As far as I know "mod" files are compiler dependent and using cygwin and
> gfortran/g95 is no solution if the linking app is compiled with wintel
> fortran.

Yes, you're right, the module files are compiler-dependent, which is a
problem in making a generally useful F90 interface for Windows.  You
really need to provide a separate library and module files for each
different Fortran compiler.

Please let us know if you succeed in getting a working F90 API for 
Windows.  I think there would be significant user interest in such a


Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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