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[Miscellaneous #UFF-250801]: GOES east & west geotiff files

Hi Derek,

re: global IR composites
> The 3-hourly latency is great.

Very good.

> To answer your questions, we are working on a project
> related to tropical cyclones 
> (http://clasp-research.engin.umich.edu/missions/cygnss/).
> We have a public display monitor that we will use to share information about 
> the project
> to the public.  We want to display near real-time GOES imagery with the 
> satellite
> positions superimposed over the top.  This will last for the life of the 
> project (about
> 4 years or so, perhaps longer), but the availability of the images is not 
> critical to
> the science operation, as it will only be used for outreach.

OK, sounds interesting.

> So, I think I'll use the VMware on my Windows machine, as you mentioned 
> before.  Once I
> get VMware operational, should I download v2015 Unidata Unix Source Code 
> Distribution,
> and not v2015 SSEC Windows 7 Binary Distribution?

You will want to work entirely in Linux, so you will need to download the
v2015 Unidata Unix Source Code Distribution.

> I'll read the McIDAS-X documentation on the website, but if I need a little 
> help getting
> set up, especially with where to go to get the images, can I contact you (or 
> another
> user group for McIDAS-X)?

Send your inquiries to address@hidden  Since I am _the_ McIDAS
support person here in Unidata, I will be answering your question(s).

By the way, I can help you get the VMware code setup on your Windows machine.
I did the same thing with another user, and it is a fairly painless process
if you have some understanding of Unix/Linux.  Please let me know when you
are ready to proceed.

> Thanks again,

No worries.


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