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[Miscellaneous #UFF-250801]: GOES east & west geotiff files

Hi Derek,

> Tom, thanks again for posting that test image online.  It was exactly what I 
> needed, and
> our team was very pleased at today's meeting.  I think this is the direction 
> I need to
> go.

Very good.

> So, to do the programmatic requests from IDD, I have a few questions:
> 1) I just registered and can now log on to UNIDATA.  Now, should I be 
> accessing data
> through http://ramadda.org/ ?

No.  My comment about programmatic access to the imagery you want/need was a
comment about running McIDAS-X and accessing the image(s) from an ADDE server
that serves the data.

I used RAMADDA as a place to put the GeoTiff file that I created using McIDAS-X
since it was larger than the maximum allowed by our mail system for 

> 2) To obtain the data, do I need to download RAMADDA Version 2.0?  I need to 
> okay any
> downloads with IT, so I want to make sure I have that correct.

No.  RAMADDA is not required for what you are wanting to do.

> 3) Once I download RAMADDA, I will have access to different data sets; to get 
> a global
> composite like the one you provided me,

Again, RAMADDA is not needed for creating GeoTiff versions of the Global 
that are available.  That being said, RAMADDA is _very_ cool/useful, and it 
be of use to you/your project in making the images available to others.  We are
BIG RAMADDA fans here in the UPC.

> I assume I have to collect these images
> separately and piece them together using McIDAS-X?

If the global composite that I created the GeoTiff file from is what you
are looking for, then you do not have to collect images and piece them together.
Instead, if you are running McIDAS, the job would boil down to:

- configuring your McIDAS sessions to ask for the global composites from
  one of server ADDE servers that we operate and make freely available

- create a local output ADDE dataset of type GeoTiff

- copy the image from the ADDE server using the IMGCOPY command
  directly into the local ADDE GeoTiff dataset

- possibly rename the resulting GeoTiff file so that the name includes
  date, time, etc. information

- move the GeoTiff file to where it needs to be to play nicely with
  your existing setup

> Are the locations for the these images difficult to find?

The images distributed in our LDM/IDD and that are served by ADDE
by several servers that we operate are well known, but I will help
you get things setup nonetheless.

> Thanks again, and have a great weekend.

No worries, and you too.


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