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[McIDAS #TSV-261063]: Hi

Hi Jane,

re: credentials provided to SSEC when applying for operarchive access

> Name: Jane Taifane
> email: address@hidden
> IP address:

Hmm...  This is a non-routable (i.e., local) IP address.  Please refer to
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Private_network for more information on
what this means.  In practice it means that the IP address that the
SSEC Data Center will see when you try to access openarchive.ssec.wisc.edu
will be different.  Also, I am guessing that this is your own laptop
and that you may be using it when connecting to a variety of access
points (e.g., wireless at your home; in a cafe; at school; etc.).  The
setup that SSEC requires that your access always be from the same IP
address, and this will not be the case if the machine in question is,
in fact your own laptop that you will want to use through varying
access points.

FYI: I just went through the registration process for my Unidata workstation at:


and I got approval in less than 5 minutes.  The fact that you have not
received approval strongly suggests to me that the automated registration
system was not able to verify the IP address that you provided, and so
you have not been approved.

In my registration, I included a description of why I wanted access
to the Open Archive -- to help you in your research activities.  Since
I do not know if that commentary will be reviewed by a Data Center
person, I will send the same comments/questions to the Head of the
SSEC Data Center, Jerry Robaidek <address@hidden>.  Hopefully
they can figure out some other way to accommodate your access.

Thinking about how to get you access to the imagery you want/need, I
come up with two possibilities:

1) you register with use of a machine in one of the SJSU labs

   This should work since I think that the lab machine's IP addresses
   are fixed.

2) I could grab the imagery you need and then either setup serving
   of the data on a Unidata machine or work with someone at SJSU
   to setup serving of the data (e.g., Sen Chiao or someone else)

> Thank you very much for your help.

No worries.

> Hopefully one of these days you'll get a
> chance to go to Samoa and maybe we'll get to meet up over there.

Sound good to me!  I love to travel and see new places!!


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