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[McIDAS #IWJ-443798]: MCIDAS Software Upgrade at NGC

Hi Martha,

> We are now getting data...in /data/nexrad...why it suddenly started is
> beyond me.

The timing of the data being written strongly suggests that there really
is a BIG time difference between your NOAAPort ingest machine and the
one REQUESTing the data.  If the clock on the REQUESTing machine was
4 hours in the future from the time on the ingesting machine, then
data products would not start flowing unit three hours had elapsed:

- with an empty LDM queue, a request will be made to send all data
  received withing the past hour (3600 seconds)

- if the clock was 4 hours in the future (like maybe one clock is using
  UTC and the other is using EST????), the request would translate into
  'send everything received since three hours in the future'

  In this case, the LDM on the machine servicing the REQUEST would wait
  patiently for the three hours and then start sending products

  NB: replace 4 hours in the argument with 'N' hours.  Figure out how
  long it took to start FILEing data, and that should be 'N'.

> Perhaps some of it has to do with our recurring network issue.

I still suspect time.

> Randy and I were also discussing converting to a wholly UNIDATA method of
> collecting NOAAP data. IIRC back when you were helping us some years ago
> you said that it would probably be safer to convert from our hybrid method
> which we basically used as "if it ain't broke don't fix it" but we have been
> bitten too many times since then.  Is that - using UNIDATA's method in
> total - still something you would recommend?

Yes.  I say this because the way we advise people to setup their systems
for ingest/processing makes sense to me, and it is self consistent.  The
only potential downside is that one needs to follow our instructions, not

> And Randy is working the login issue as you saw from his email

Yes.  Since data is now flowing, it would probably be best if we "worried"
about things while at the AMS meeting.


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