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[McIDAS #IGY-419036]: raobcon

Hi Paul,

Sorry for taking so long to get back to this...

> I am trying to do 500mb height changes over a 12 hour period. For some
> reason, I lost the RAOBCON.SITE file.

> I recreated it in the workdata directory (i also have it in the data
> directory since I do not know where the .SITE files ought to be.)

> It has

>       FORMAT=I3 \
>       MATH='Z1-Z2' \
>       IRAB='Z1=Z {TIME (NOW);DAY (NOW)}' 'Z2=Z {TIME (NOW-12);DAY (NOW-12)}'\
>       RAOB='Z1=Z {TIME (NOW);DAY (NOW)}' 'Z2=Z {TIME (NOW-12);DAY (NOW-12)}'\

> When i run the command RAOBCON DELTZ 500 SURFACEMAP COLOR=3 GRA=8 CINT=30

> It says DELTZ not found. I am not sure why the program will not find that
> parameter.

I believe that the problem is your use of 'Z1' and 'Z2'.  They should be
'P1' (parameter 1) and 'P2' (parameter 2).

I created the file RAOBCON.USER in my $MCDATA directory with the following
definition for DELTZ, and your RAOBCON invocation (modulo use of USA instead
of SURFACEMAP because I don't have a map definition for SURFACEMAP) works fine.

My RAOBCON.USER has one definition:

       FORMAT=I4 \
       MATH='P1-P2' \
       IRAB='P1=Z {TIME (NOW);DAY (NOW)}' 'P2=Z {TIME (NOW-12);DAY (NOW-12)}' \ 
       RAOB='P1=Z {TIME (NOW);DAY (NOW)}' 'P2=Z {TIME (NOW-12);DAY (NOW-12)}'

The only other changes I made were:

- change the FORMAT from I3 to I4

  I did this because some pressure height fall values were plotting as '****'
  indicating that they were overflowing the format

- eliminate the trailing '\' (backslash) on the last line of the definition

re: RAOBCON.SITE file location
> I recreated it in the workdata directory (i also have it in the data
> directory since I do not know where the .SITE files ought to be.)

The .SITE files (e.g., RAOBCON.SITE, SFCCON.SITE, etc.) should be put in
the ~/mcidas/data directory so their definitions can be used by all users.
Folks can override/extend the definitions in the .SITE and .CORE files
with entries in a .USER file (e.g., RAOBCON.USER, etc.).  The .USER files
should be put in one's own $MCDATA directory (which is ~/mcidas/data for
non-'mcidas' users and ~/workdata for the user 'mcidas').  Remember that
definitions in a .USER file take precedence over definitions in .SITE and
.CORE files and definitions in .SITE files take precedence over definitions
in .CORE files.

Please let me know if this works for you...


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