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[McIDAS #AKP-990660]: GOES-12

Hi Waldenio,

> Thank you by the help.

No worries.

> The problem arises when I run the area2png program.
> I already asked them to replace channel 5 by channel 6 (13.3 m)
> I already replaced the mcidas-2004 by mcidas-2008
> >> We are using these parameters for GOES-10 and now we are doing the same
> >> for GOES-12.
> >>
> >> if ($canal == 1)    {$anum="1351"; $pd="S1"}
> >> elsif ($canal == 2) {$anum="1361"; $pd="S2"}
> >> elsif ($canal == 3) {$anum="1371"; $pd="S3"}
> >> elsif ($canal == 4) {$anum="1381"; $pd="S4"}
> >> elsif ($canal == 5) {$anum="1391"; $pd="S5"}
> >> else {die "Erro no canal de $image\n";}
> >>
> Years ago, you passed us these numbers ($anum and $pd) to be used in the
> program area2png as parameters.

Yup, I have no real comment on the anum numbers other than the ones above
are based on GOES-10 which had wavelength channels (known in McIDAS as
BANDs) 1 (0.65 um VIS), 3.9 um (short wavelength IR), 6.8 um (water vapor),
10.7 um (thermal IR), and 12.0 (longwave IR).  GOES-12 does not have the
12 um BAND; it has a 13.3 um BAND which is used for CO2 monitoring).  The
CO2 BAND on GOES-12 (and GOES-13) is BAND 6, not BAND 5.  I don't know if
this is important for the way you process images, but it would be good to
refer to the longwave IR channel of GOES-1[23] as BAND 6 to be consistent
with the way that is used in the satellite community.

> /usr/local/ldm/ldm-mcidas-2008/bin/area2png -n -f $image -a $satannot -b
> $satband \"pnga2area $qn $pd $anum \\SAT \\BAND \\RES $ymd $hh$mm\"
> $satannot and $satband are variables pointing to
> ~ldm/ldm-mcidas-2008/etc/SATBAND and SATANNOT... I dont know what they
> mean the parameters $anum and $pd.

They are just pieces of the LDM/IDD Product ID.  I recommended their
inclusion in the datastream you produce so that your Product IDs look
the same (have the same fields) as the Product IDs for the images in
the UNIWISC (aka MCIDAS) datastream.

> The output of this area2png is giving "UNKBAND" for channels 4 and 5.

Hmm... This is unexpected.

> Does the program area2png reads the contend of the AREA file to identify
> the satellite ?

Yes.  'area2png' reads the AREA file header and then uses values from the
header in a search of SATANNOT and SATBAND to get appropriate metadata that
can be used in LDM/IDD Product IDs.

> If this is the case, may be that the images have some
> error in their heading...

Perhaps.  Can I get some example AREA files so I can take a close look at
what is being written into the header?  Thanks in advance...


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