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[McIDAS #ADB-429574]: Problem (Forbidden) to Download McIdas X

Hi Alan,

> Thanks for writing...It is good to hear from you...I hope all is going well.

No worries, and things are going very well, thanks!

> Here is what I think happened....
> For my school email address (address@hidden), when I tried to log in to
> Unidata with that, I did not remember my password.  I had a reminder of
> the password sent, but the reminder did not cue/help me remember the
> password.  The reminder sent was "153."
> I also have an account on my home machine (address@hidden) that I
> used in taking several of the Comet modules.  I could not remember that
> password either, but fortunately the reminder that was sent cued my
> complete recall of that password.
> I was working at home (connected to the net via ATT/Bellsouth) and using
> my home email address (i. e., not the .edu) domain.  So, what you say
> about the non .edu domain name makes sense...actually in looking at the
> Unidata pages last night, I suspected as much.

Very good, this explains why you were denied access to Unidata McIDAS downloads.

> So, I will take the laptop on which I wanted to install McIdas to school
> and connect via the U. Georgia portal (to have the .edu).

Very good.

> But could you send me my pw for the address@hidden account (or at least
> give me more to go on than "153?")

I will send a note to our web person asking that she send you this
information I (or reset your password so you can set it again).

> ...BTW...I am running the virtual machine software, VMWare on the
> laptop.  XP is the primary operating system running the VMWare and I
> have a Fedora 13 virtual machine that has run/operated well so far.

Excellent.  I run McIDAS at home in this exact same environment.  I
also run Fedora 13 in VMWare Player under Windows 7 on my I7 laptop --
this setup smokes!

> Thanks again....Alan

No worries.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any


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