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[IDD #TTR-495389]: Slow access to local datasets through ADDE

Hi Samuel,

> I believe SHU's allowable hosts file now has your 2 ip addresses in it's list
> for secure shell.

I am unable to SSH to your machine.  I tried using the standard SSH port (22) 
others that you mentioned previously.  I tried the access from both machines
I listed in an earlier email exchange.

> The ADDE port is available (112), so you should have access.

Thanks.  This access is open now:

<me on my home machine from a McIDAS session>


Name         NumPos   Content
------------ ------   --------------------------------------
ANTARCTIC    99999    Antarctic IR Composite
ANTARCTICOLD 99999    Antarctic IR Composite - OLD
GE-39        99999    GOES-East Hemispheric Short IR
GE-CO2       99999    GOES-East Hemispheric CO2
GE-IR        99999    GOES-East Hemispheric IR
GE-IRTOPO       10    GOES-East IR/TOPO Composite
GE-VIS       99999    GOES-East Hemispheric VIS
GE-VISTOPO      10    GOES-East VIS/TOPO Composite
GE-WV        99999    GOES-East Hemispheric H2O
GEW-IR          10    GOES-East/West IR Composite
GEW-IRTOPO      10    GOES-East/West IR/TOPO Composite
GEW-VIS         10    GOES-East/West VIS Composite
GEW-VISTOPO     10    GOES-East/West VIS/TOPO Composite
GEW-WV          10    GOES-East/West H2O Composite
GW-12        99999    GOES-West Western Long IR
GW-39        99999    GOES-West Western Short IR
GW-IR        99999    GOES-West Western US IR
GW-IRTOPO       10    GOES-West IR/TOPO Composite
GW-VIS       99999    GOES-West Western US VIS
GW-VISTOPO      10    GOES-West VIS/TOPO Composite
GW-WV        99999    GOES-West Western US H2O
MDR          99999    Manually Digitized Radar
MDRTOPO         10    MDR/TOPO Composite
MOLL-IR      99999    Mollweide Composite IR
MOLL-IRTOPO     10    Mollweide IR/TOPO Composite
MOLL-WV      99999    Mollweide Composite H2O

DSINFO -- done

Image file directory listing for:RTIMAGES/ANTARCTIC
 Pos Satellite/         Date       Time      Center   Band(s)
     sensor                                 Lat  Lon
 --- -------------  ------------  --------  ---- ---- ------------
   1  G-9 IMG        6 FEB 08037  15:00:00   -90    5 4
   2  G-9 IMG        6 FEB 08037  18:00:00   -90    5 4
   3  G-9 IMG        6 FEB 08037  21:00:00   -90    5 4

This looks like your RTIMAGES/ANTARCTIC dataset definition only includes
images from 20080206.  As soon as I can SSH to your machine, I will be
able to check the definition.

> Please refer to our 'Computing Policy' for future reference.

Read and understood.


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Ticket Details
Ticket ID: TTR-495389
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