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[McIDAS #MET-935016]: McIDAS - Cannot get mcunpack to execute -- keep getting message to define McINST_ROOT

Hi Alan,

I was out of the office yesterday, hence the tardy reply.

> Thanks for trying again--argh!

No worries.  We are _so_ close.

By the way, in my SSH attempts Wednesday night, I learned enough to be able
to come up with a Google (tm) search to help shed light on what may be
going on.  I used '"/usr/bin/cpp" fails sanity check' as the search key
and found:

  That means that you didn't install your C++ compiler.

  You can install g++ on Fedora, by doing Code:

  yum install gcc-c++

NB: updates/installs must be done by 'root'.

So, it looks like you need to install gcc-c++ (g++) to satisfy the HDF
configure process (even though you are not going to be building the
C++ interface).

> I checked the permissions on the /tmp folder.  All permissions were
> enabled--owner, group, and others could read, write, and execute.  There
> were some other folders where group did not have permission to write or
> execute.  I could change those if that might help.

Sorry, the permissions "stab in the dark" was off the mark.

> I have changed a few more settings in hopes of enabling your access and
> preventing the freeze-ups.  I went back to the firewall and in addition
> to enabling eth0, I also enabled sit0.  Under SELinux, I disabled
> SELinux protection for dhcpc and dhcpd.  Also under managing users and
> groups, I made the user mcidas a member of the sshd group.

I don't think those changes were userful.

> I am not sure what effect these changes may have re: the freezing up.  I
> did restart the machine for the changes to take effect.  If you could,
> maybe give it a try again.  I also will check with OIT at school to see
> if they have any hypotheses.  I also will put something out on the ALE
> (Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts) listserve to see what I get.

I tried to SSH to your machine again (approx 3:30 MDT, Friday) and couldn't
connect.  I will try again tonight or tomorrow from my home machine.
In the meantime, please install the gcc-c++ package and then retry your
McIDAS build:

<as 'mcidas'>
cd ~mcidas/mcidas2005/src
make clobber
make all

> Thanks,...Alan

No worries.  We will get this solved one way or another.


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