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20031125: Unidata McIDAS-X Version 2003 under Fedora at NIU (cont.)

>From: Gilbert Sebenste <address@hidden>
>Organization: NIU
>Keywords: 200311241913.hAOJDtEH002777 McIDAS-X MCGUI RTPTSRC


re: resetup the ADDE remote server on weather2

>I just did. I added the services to /etc/services, and also to 
>/etc/xinetd.d. It shoudl be working now. Can you verify?

I verified that it does work by:

1) pointing at weather2.admin.niu.edu from my machine here at the UPC
   for the RTIMAGES and RTPTSRC datasets -- worked with no problem

2) did essentially the same on weather2 as 'mcidas' -- worked with
   no problem.

re: why you are running McIDAS decoding on more than one machine

>Here's the problem. Let's say weather3's LDM goes down. Then, I can have 
>the weather2 LDM feed from another site, and all is well. On a P4 3.06 GHZ 
>machine with an 800 MHZ front-side bus, how much resource does it take? I 
>am getting load averages around .30, even with a full-blown McIDAS session 
>running. If it just takes up 5% or less, I would think that's not a big 

The resources I was thinking of was disk space, not CPU.  This is not a
big deal; I brought it up because you are now in the position of having
to maintain the ldm-mcidas and McIDAS-XCD decoders on two machines
as well as data scouring and ADDE serving.  This means that when
you upgrade your OS (as you seem to do a lot ;-) you need to worry
about whether things get blown out of the water, etc.

>I did set them back to weather2 and everything works fine now. That said, 
>if you think it is a burden, I will shut it off.

You have to answer if it is a burden or not.

>Now, one other thing. We're fine on McIDAS now...seems to work great. What 
>I want to do now is:
>1. Upgrade weather3 to Fedora 1 right after Thanksgiving
>2. Install the packages that Fedora doesn't install with an upgrade
>(that's easy; I have saved the RPMS necessary from my weather2 install)
>3. Install the THREDDS server on weather2

One part of a THREDDS server is McIDAS ADDE.  The other part is installing
a DODS server.  Since I am not involved in the DODS installation and
THREDDS catalog creation, I will need to turn you over to someone that
is intimately involved.

>Hopefully, the first and second won't take long. The third...gosh, who 


>Anyway, those are my goals and things I want done by December 15th.

What's up with December 15?  The only reason I ask is that I have had
a series of semi-artificial deadlines since sometime this past summer.
This has resulted in the Unidata-Wisconsin datastream changes that
I wanted to do in October being pushed off until mid to late December.


>From address@hidden Wed Nov 26 12:23:55 2003

>Hi Tom,

>Re: ADDE server on weather2 working:

re: when you upgrade your OS you need to worry
about whether things get blown out of the water, etc.

>Hmmm. Great point. I'll see what Fedora Core 2 does. They come out with 
>new updates every 3 months (sheesh).
re: THREDDS contact

>Who would that be?
re: why Dec. 15

>Well, because my machines were slow in getting here due to our pokey legal 
>process, it took me until a month ago to get the machines. Throw in a 10 
>day trip, Thanksgiving, and the holidays...and it gets messy really quick 
>to get things done in a hurry!

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