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20031020: KDE under Linux? (cont.)

>From: Robert Mullenax <address@hidden>
>Organization: Universial Weather and Aviation
>Keywords: 200310201443.h9KEhWOb002468 McIDAS-X mcimage Linux KDE


>Good to see you also.   I'll be up for the IDV training
>in Nov.  I have had some display issues with the IDV under
>Linux and Windows, but am quite intrigued by it.  (Haven't
>had much time to play around with it).  I will be quite
>interested in finding out more about it.


>Do you happen to know how to get Gnome to start on the two
>other heads on this three-headed box?  Don't go to any trouble
>on this....just if you happen to know.  We have searched
>on the web, asked our Linux guru..no luck.   

I don't know how to do this off of the top of my head.  I just
did a Google (tm) search using 'gnome multihead display' and
got back a number of links.  You may want to do the same to
see if there is anything useful there.



>From address@hidden Mon Oct 20 11:56:46 2003

We didn't find anything helpful before..but we didn't search
for that.  Thanks.

>From address@hidden Mon Oct 20 12:08:00 2003

Here's the answer....it's a bug in "sawfish":


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