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20031020: mcenv in csh (cont.)

>From: "Alliss, Randall J." <address@hidden>
>Organization: TASC
>Keywords: 200310161236.h9GCa8Ob005082 McIDAS script mcbatch.sh


>ok. i got those messages.

Hmm...  Very strange.

>How do you launch a mcimage within the BATCH file...

OS "mcimage -f...                   (... -> all the mcimage flags you want)

>this probably the issue
>i have all of these IMGDISP REDIRECT PANEL commands etc but nothing to
>display them in.

What is the real objective?  I was assuming that you were writing
scripts to be able to do processing in the background.  If you are
starting an image window (and possibly a text window), why not simply
run a McIDAS session?

>I also need the ability to toggle between frames like we do
>with ALT-O...Does this mean i need the text window too.

No, you don't need a text (mctext) window to do this.  You can
use the TERM command (term.k) to set the various toggles programatically.


No worries.


>From address@hidden Mon Oct 20 10:49:15 2003

Hi Randy,
Sorry about the late response; I'm trying to catch up after being at the
MUG Meeting last week.

Tom gave a good reply to your questions below. I just want to reiterate
that the McIDAS User's Guide Appendix H
contains information on the topic you asked about. In particular, pages
McHTML-338.HTML through McHTML-342.HTML discuss using mcenv. For
example, if you don't have access to Unidata's mcbatch.sh you'll
probably want to define mcenv with the desired -f and -i settings
(because the default is one 480x640 frame with only 48 colors) within
your script.

There's also a special note for users running under C shell in page
McHTML-339.HTML and sample scripts in pages McHTML-340.HTML,
McHTML-341.HTML and McHTML-342.HTML.

Barry Roth
McIDAS Help Desk

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