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20031007: Unidata .edu accessible ADDE server with GRID data

>From:  Russell Steicke <address@hidden>
>Organization:  ABoM
>Keywords:  200310070856.h978ubk1028404 McIDAS ADDE community servers

Hi Russell,

>Thanks for the pointer to the ADDE servers.

No worries.

>But I guess from the title
>of your email that they are only accessible to .edu hosts.

The servers are wide open at the moment.  We reserve the right to lock
them down at some point in the future, but we have no active plans
for doing this at the moment.

>I'm in
>.gov.au (Australian Bureau of Meteorology).  Do you know of any that are
>accessible from here?

They should be.  I believe that James Kelly has accessed one ore more
of the machines on the list at one time or another.  I just checked
atm.geo.nsf.gov, and see that the TCP wrappers in place allow all
access to ADDE:

mcservsh:       ALL

>I've attached some output from the mcidas .k commands here.

>From my account on serva.wa.bom.gov.au:
>russells: serva.WA: /home/rgn/engserv/russells> cat mcidas/data/MCTABLE.TXT

Looks good.

>russells: serva.WA: /home/rgn/engserv/russells> dataloc.k list             
>Group Name                    Server IP Address
>--------------------         ----------------------------------------
>ATM                          ATM.GEO.NSF.GOV
>russells: serva.WA: /home/rgn/engserv/russells> dsinfo.k grid ATM          
>    No Datasets found of Type: GRID  in Group: ATM
>DSINFO -- done
>russells: serva.WA: /home/rgn/engserv/russells> dsinfo.k all ATM 
>    No Datasets found of Type: IMAGE in Group: ATM
>    No Datasets found of Type: POINT in Group: ATM
>    No Datasets found of Type: VPROF in Group: ATM
>    No Datasets found of Type: GRID  in Group: ATM
>    No Datasets found of Type: TEXT  in Group: ATM
>    No Datasets found of Type: NAV   in Group: ATM
>DSINFO -- done
>russells: serva.WA: /home/rgn/engserv/russells> 

There is no ADDE dataset named ATM on atm.  The datasets that are
available are:

BLIZZARD  <- McIDAS training set
CIMSS     <- GOES satellite products from UW SSEC/CIMSS
GINICOMP  <- NOAAPORT composite GOES images
NEXRCOMP  <- NEXRAD Level III composite images
RTGRIDS   <- realtime model grids
RTIMAGES  <- Unidata-Wisconsin imagery
RTNEXRAD  <- NEXRAD Level III images
RTPTSRC   <- realtime POINT data
RTWXTEXT  <- realtime TEXT data
TOPO      <- set of topography images

I am thinking that you were expecting that one could find out the set
of ADDE datasets available in a dataset named after the hosting
machine.  An interesting idea, but we do not follow this convention.

We make available a dataset called ADDEINFO (or INFO which is identical
to ADDEINFO) of type TEXT that points to the ASCII text file DATASETS.
This file is a McIDAS BATCH file that can be downloaded and run to
setup access to the datasets hosted by the server:

DATALOC ADD ADDEINFO atm.geo.nsf.gov


Please be advised that it is incumbant on the user to not access data
whose reintroduction into the country of origin is restricted by WMO
Resolution 40.


Please let me know if you have problems with the above.


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