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20030522: McIDAS-X v2002 MCGUI (cont.)

>From: Unidata Support <address@hidden>
>>Organization: Unidata User Support <address@hidden>
>>Keywords:  200305201647.h4KGlULd000828 McIDAS-X MCGUI

Hi Jennie,

I now understand the problem you are seeing in the 'mcidas' account on
windfall.  The set of files that you McIDAS session is currently
setup to read is:


The file that is defined to be written by DATALOC command invocations is:


When McIDAS goes to look for datasets as 'mcidas' on windfall, it will
first look for an entry in /home/mcidas/uvaworkdata/MCTABLE.TXT to see
if the dataset is listed there.  If it does not find the entry in
MCTABLE.TXT, it will look in ADDESITE.TXT.  The problem with this setup
is that any entry in MCTABLE.TXT for any of the datasets listed in the
MCGUI ADDE Client Config GUI will never get changed by any DATALOC
command.  This may seem like a really bad thing, but the way that sites
with students use McIDAS is for the user 'mcidas' to do configuration
things like DATALOCs that the students then use through their
MCTABLE_READ settings.  The difference is that the non-mcidas user will
have her MCTABLE_WRITE set to the first file in their MCTABLE_READ, not
the second like 'mcidas' does.

The solution to this dilemma in your case is to define MCTABLE_WRITE to
be /home/mcidas/uvaworkdata/MCTABLE.TXT:


This will have to be done before you start your McIDAS session.  For
your conveninece, I made the change in the .variables.ksh for you.  Now
(after making the change active with '. .variables.ksh') you can start
up the MCGUI in a McIDAS session and use the ADDE Client Config GUI to
change the DATALOCs being used.

I took the liberty of logging on as you and see a similar, but not
entirely exactly the same situation.  Your MCTABLE_* environment
variables are defined as:


The problem with this setup is that you do not have write access to the
file listed in your MCTABLE_WRITE.  Your setup would be better to be:


Again, these changes will have to be made active before you start your
McIDAS session.  After making the change, you should be able to set the
locations of the datasets listed in the MCGUI ADDE Client Config GUI.

Please let me know if anything above is not clear, or if you continue
to have problems.


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