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20030509: ADDE Profiler request for IDV

>From:  Stuart Wier <address@hidden>
>Organization:  UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords:  200305091505.h49F5m7U001011 McIDAS ADDE profiler profsect


>I you want to tell me where to find these answers in McIDAS
>documentation I can look there.
>To request today's profiler hourly data from one station all hours, I
>request an ADDE server like this:
>time z dir spd day&select='ida "+station+"'&num=all&compress=true";
>How do I get all stations in the network? Jusat leave out the select

Since I don't know any details about how IDV does ADDE requests, I
can't comment specifically about what may or may not work in an IDV
request line.  I can tell you, however, that the McIDAS application
PROFSECT does essentially what you are asking for: gives back a list of
all profiler sites reporting data for a particular time.  The
information that goes into the selection fields includes the maximum
number of items to return, the dataset position number, the time and
day for the data and the mode of the data to request (the profiler data
comes in two sections/modes: LOW and HIGH).  The station ID (IDA and
IDB for the profiler schema since the profiler IDs are longer than 4
characters) are purposely left out of the request.

If I were to guess what the "URL" you would use would look like,
I would say it might be:

"+time+";day "+day+";mode LOW'&num=all&compress=true";

Again, I have no idea what the "URL" syntax should look like for IDV
(McIDAS requests don't use URLs), so the way you specify values for the
various keys that are included in the McIDAS file schema and how you
string together several of these in a selection clause is "an exercise
left to the reader" :-)  You should need to include the TIME, DAY, and
MODE to get back a listing that can be parsed for the ID information
you want (the listing will come back with more than just IDA and IDB).

>How do I limit the hours to a range of hours in either case?

Again, I do not know what the syntax of the synthesized URL that is
needed for the IDV.  In McIDAS, the user specifies the select clauses
for TIME ranges like:


This is converted for the actual server request to:


Whether not the conversion of the user input syntax to that needed by
the server is done by IDV is something that I do not know.

>The ADDE server of Profiler data is proving very useful to the IDV.

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