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20030416: McIDAS XCD/ADDE setup at UQAM (cont.)

>From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Christian_Pag=E9?= <address@hidden>
>Organization: UQAM
>Keywords: 200303061342.h26Dg5B2003828 McIDAS ADDE XCD

Hi Christian,

>Wow, a lot of changes! I am really impressed, and also quite 
>thrilled to have a nice full McIDAS config now on my local system.

Things seemed to be working nicely when I logged off.

>But from these changes I don't know exactly why the MD files were 
>not created by xcd.

The crux of the reason was that the 'mcidas' account had a file
REDIRECTion set for the file SCHEMA that said its location should
be in /io/ldm/data/xcd. A file REDIRECTion is a property that tells
McIDAS routines where to look for a file.  The problem was that
SCHEMA did not exist in the directory in the REDIRECTion.  The
other problem (small) was that the files ROUTE.SYS and SYSKEY.TAB
also did not exist in the directory where XCD was to write its
output files.  Other than that, what you had was correct.  The
majority of changes I made were done to clean-up your installation
and setup ADDE serving of the data that you are getting.

re: 3) changed IDS|DDS|PPS to IDS|DDPLUS in both ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf and
~ldm/etc/pqact.conf (for the McIDAS-XCD xcd_run line)

>Should I change this also for all the other entries?

This is more of a stylistic thing.  To the LDM, DDPLUS means DDS+PPS.
So the form that you had: IDS|DDS|PPS was entirely equivalent to
IDS|DDPLUS.  So why did I change it?  At some point in the not too
distant future, these feeds will boil down to one descriptor.  I
figured changing IDS|DDS|PPS to IDS|DDPLUS would show what was going
to happen in the future.  OK, I'll admit it, the change was not 
necessary; it just felt better to me (a quirk of mine).
>Thank you *very* much for your help and work on this issue!!

No worries.  I was happy to help (finally).  Please let me know if
you see anything amiss on your system.


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