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20030324: FW: AWIPS BUFR->NetCDF?

>From: "Batson, Bryan" <address@hidden>
>Organization: JSC
>Keywords: 200303241940.h2OJdvB2026150 McIDAS BUFR

Hi Bryan,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you on this, but I was involved in
the NSF panel review of our 5 year funding proposal.  This is now finished,
so I can get back to all of my other pending work.

>FYI...I don't know if Unidata was ever planning a BUFR->netCDF decoder for
>McIDAS, but it looks like the AWIPS D2D may have one at some point.

I had not planned to create a BUFR to netCDF converter, but, then again,
I had not planned to _not_ create one either.  I agree with you that
this development will be important.  The thing I have to find is the
time to do the work.


>>  -----Original Message-----
>> From:        Batson, Bryan  
>> Sent:        Monday, March 24, 2003 1:26 PM
>> Cc:  Biggerstaff, Brice
>> Subject:     AWIPS BUFR->NetCDF?
>> Brian,
>> I found this in a test case list for D2D build 5.0-78:
>> Hourly BUFR Model
>>                                                    Soundings - Modify
>>                                                    acq_patterns.template
>>                                                    as necessary to
>>                                                    accommodate new
>>                                                    raw data files; Create
>>                                                    a directory to store
>>                                                    the raw files/add to
>>                                                    mkdirs.csh; create
>>                                                    new BUFR decoder
>>                                                    to accommodate new
>>                                                    data files; create
>>                                                    station table similar
>> to
>>                                                    raobStationInfor.txt
>>                                                    to contain metadata
>>                                                    describing the
>>                                                    locaions of model
>>                                                    soundings; make
>>                                                    decoder recognize
>>                                                    new messages as
>>                                                    model sounding,
>>                                                    check model sation
>>                                                    into to determine
>>                                                    storage;
>>                                                    geographically filter
>>                                                    data only over the
>>                                                    WFO's regional area;
>>                                                    set up netCDF files
>>                                                    to store model
>>                                                    soundings; create
>>                                                    directories in whic
>>                                                    hto store the data;
>>                                                    add to mkdirs.csh;
>>                                                    add new netCDF
>>                                                    directoreis to the data
>>                                                    purger
>> Could this help us in MIDDS? Does your AWIPS have this already?
>> It looks like this would have potential to save some time on developing a
>> BUFR->netCDF decoder.
>> BB

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