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20030314: a little more on waldo & scouring (cont.)

>From: "Anderson, Alan C. " <address@hidden>
>Organization: St. Cloud State
>Keywords: 200303111741.h2BHfFB2012143 McIDAS-X v2002 setup

Hi Alan,

>I went over your last message and have a few more questions/comments.
>Looked in mcscour.sh and wonder what line in mcscour.sh handles the
>scouring of the  *.XCD files.    I can figure out the ones for the MD
>file groups, but don't see a line that includes .XCD.

The line that does the scouring of the .IDX and .XCD files is:

delwxt.k 1 10

>See that the scouring likely finds the right directory through


>Remembered that when I installed mcidas2002 and saw that it worked,  I
>did not continue with the section on configuring the mcidas and user
>accounts.  Compared the EXAMPLE.NAM file with my (old) LOCAL.NAM  and
>found that there are new data products.


>Not sure which file the newly
>installed mcidas was using, so copied EXAMPLE.NAM to LOCAL.NAM and
>edited it,  then did a REST LOCAL.NAM  and REDIRECT  MAKE.

Excellent.  This was exactly the right thing to do.

>Perhaps this was the cause of the .XCD files not being scoured as they


>I found  3 days of  DD...XCD files again this morning,  for
>Mar. 12, 13, 14.  I removed the two earlier ones.

Hmm...  They should be scoured by the entries in mcscour.sh.

>I see that I also need to go in and  edit LSSERVE.BAT   to recognize
>the newer ADDE datasets and decide how we want to access them.   You
>noted this part in response to an earlier question.


>I turned  telnet off again, at least for the weekend.   I have
>downloaded a copy of SSH  and related stuff,  will start on that also.

OK.  I we should touch base again on Monday.


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