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20030206: McIDAS - Tru64 - ptlist not listing CMAN stations (cont.)

>From: "Angel Li" <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Miami
>Keywords: 200301211600.h0LG0gD13023 McIDAS-XCD CMAN


re: installed updates to the ship/buoy data monitor

>I was killing dmsyn (or something like that) processes every so often that
>went compute bound. Is this the same problem?

Yes, this is the same problem.  The executable you were killing was
dmsyn.k.  I watched the newly built version several times after I did
the update, and have not seen it misbehave.  Please let me know if you
see something different.

>sapodilla has been sitting outside our campus firewall but will end up behind
>it sooner or later. Which ports do I need to leave open for the LDM to
>function properly?

You should leave port 388 open for the LDM.  This relies on the
installation done by our recommendations where rpc.ldmd and hupsyslog
have setuid root privilege.  If this is not done, the LDM has to
connect using the port mapper.  We feel that the port mapper is much
more insecure than the LDM.

>Thanks for repointing the DATALOC for RTPTSRC.

No problem.  Like I said, the situation you were in is a classic ADDE


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