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20021022: Processes hang

>From:  "Rob Gillies ." <address@hidden>
>Organization:  USU
>Keywords:  200210222244.g9MMiEp01962

Hi Rob,

>I am having a problem with Mcidas that is difficult to define. The program had
>been working well for over 6 months but suddenly when trying to display any
>data nothing appears (the LDM is injesting data fine). On checking processes
>one finds that imgdsp.k is sleeping and stays that way.

IMGDISP sleeping sounds like some system resource is not available, or
there is a problem with the server that IMGDISP is trying to get data

Can you send me the name of the server of the dataset you are trying
to display?

>So despite the data being there it is not being found.

If it was not found, IMGDISP wouldn't sleep, it would end with a message
that the data requested can't be found.

>Is this enough info for anyone to help out given that someone may have come 
>accross such an eventuality before?

I have seen a case where the ADDE image server went into a semi-infinite
loop when trying to process an image, but this was on an image that
was bad, and I fixed that problem some time ago.

Perhaps if I could point at the same server you are pointing at, I could
discern what may be happening.  For instance, if IMGDISP works for me
while pointing to the same server you are pointing at, then the problem
will most likely be something in your account.

>Rob Gillies
>Utah State University

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