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20021011: McIDAS RTIMAGES-GEW composite

>From: "Corcoran, William T" <address@hidden>
>Organization: SMSU
>Keywords: 200210111517.g9BFHT113945 McIDAS BATCH composite

Hi Bill,

Sorry for not responding to this immediately, but I was out of town.

>For some time now the composite GOES images have had a huge
>chunk of the eastern portion left out...obviously from the
>compositing process since the original images are ok.

Hmm...  I hadn't noticed this.

>Playing around with it today, a simple IMGDISP RTIMAGES/GEW-IR (or vis)
>shows the problem.

Apparently, the GOES-East image portion of the composite is not being
added to the remapped GOES-West portion.  I will investigate.

>Running GEWCOMP.MCB generates acceptable results, so it's not a big
>deal, just that the composites on your (and everybody else's I guess)
>ADDE server are kooky.

Please tell me which ADDE server(s) you are accessing these products from:



Thanks for reporting this.  I will investigate the failure and make
fixes on the server(s) with the problem.


>From address@hidden Mon Oct 14 12:55:32 2002

(note: primary server is adde.ucar.edu)

>The only other server we hit is papagayo.unl.edu

>Same results


>Dr. William T. Corcoran
>Dept. Geography, Geology, and Planning
>Southwest Missouri State University
>901 S. National
>Springfield, Missouri 65804
>(417) 836-5781

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