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20020516: mcidas-nt question

>From:  "Molenar, Deb" <address@hidden>
>Organization:  CSU/CIRA
>Keywords:  200205161544.g4GFiia28679 McIDAS-NT

Hi Deb,

>Hi again.  We are looking into alternatives for Interix to run
>McIDAS-NT.  I noticed on the Unidata web page that you are no longer
>supporting NT as a platform, but remembered you saying at the mug
>meeting that you had successfully run McIDAS-NT using a freeware
>package.  Does this ring a bell and if so, do you remember what the
>package was?

That comment was probably that one of my users had used a freeware
version of X.  He did this along with Interix, so that doesn't get
us past the Microsoft stranglehold (since Microsoft owns Interix).

I have been wanting to try Cygwin as a "Unix" environment under Windows
and see if McIDAS-X would run there, but I have not set aside the time
to do this.  If a user's experience with GEMPAK under Cygwin on Windows
2000 is any indication (and it may not be due to McIDAS use of shared
memory), Cygwin may be a viable alternative.  Do you think that there
is a possibility that someone in CIRA has a little spare time to give
this a shot?  I think that being able to run under Windows without
having to pay for Interix would be a big benefit to the McIDAS user
community.  Also, just as an tidbit of possible interest:  I have
played a little with getting McIDAS to run under MacOS-X.  I think
that I may be close, but won't be able to tell until I can get past
some compiler (gcc/g77) and linker wierdness.

Following the conversation in other emails, you mentioned that you
had gotten a script from Jim Cowie that would put a CCB on products
sent in the Unidata IDD so that they could be used by AWIPS decoders.
I am intrigued by this comment to say the least!  Can you give more more
information on this?  Can you let me have the script and pass along any
information on how to run it?  I would be most appreciative of anything
you could provide!!


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