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20020215: The span and resolution of VISSR raw AREA files

>From: Jerrold Robaidek <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Wisconsin SSEC
>Keywords: 200202151826.g1FIQax09675 McIDAS Unidata-Wisconsin


I am responding to the email that Jerry Robaidek of SSEC CCed me on:

>I have the Latitude  Longitude corners of the GOES-8 and GOES-10 images
>that we put out on the IDD; they are at the bottom of this email.  Since
>you are using data from the Unidata IDD and SUNY-Albany is a Unidata
>member, I am forwarding your email to Unidata Support, and hopefully
>they can provide you with additional help.

Jerry is correct.  Since you are presumably not a SSEC MUG member,
your question should have been sent to Unidata Support
at address@hidden

>Marek Kmiecik wrote:
>> Hi, Jerry.
>>     Thanks for the information you've provided me over the phone.
>>     As we spoke, if you could give me additional information
>>     about the span (in terms of geographical coordinates they
>>     represent, both the one representing GOES-8 and the one
>>     representing GOES-10) and the "worst case" resolution of those
>>     files (or maximum resolution that I could safely count on)
>>     I will be very grateful. This data is very important for
>>     the kind of Research we are doing here - Satellite modelling
>>     and prediction.
>>     My best regards,
>>                  -Marek Kmiecikv

Since you have McIDAS (or had it installed at one point), you can
interrogate the images to find out the particulars of the images
yourself.  You can do this with IMGPROBE, or more directly by dumping
out image information with AXFORM.  Please let me know if you need
some help doing this.

>> ------------------------------------------------------------
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>> | Scientific Programmer                                    |
>> | State University of New York at Albany ASRC-CESTM        |
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>> | Albany, NY 12203                                         |
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>> | http://lunch.asrc.cestm.albany.edu/~marek                |
>> ------------------------------------------------------------
>Note: The navigation varies slightly day to day, and image to image, so
>these values may be different on each image.  Additional information can
>be found at http://rsd.gsfc.nasa.gov/goes/text/goes.databook.html
>GOES-8         Lat             Lon
>Upper Left     off earth       off earth
>Upper Right    off earth       off earth
>Lower Left     03:28 S         110:17 W
>Lower Right    03:32 S         028:55 W
>GOES-10                Lat             Lon
>Upper Left     off earth       off earth
>Upper Right    off earth       off earth
>Lower Left      00:05 N        178:41 W
>Lower Right     00:05 N        102:36 W  

Tom Yoksas

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