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20020211: Inability to draw MAP on top of METEOSAT-5 image

>From: Student mail Account <address@hidden>
>Organization: CCNY
>Keywords: 200202111723.g1BHN5x08805 McIDAS-X METEOSAT-5


>I am Prof. Hindman's student at City College of New York and I am
>currently using McIDAS to analyze AREA files for Met 5. I cannot put map
>on the images, can you please tell me a way to put a map on the images.

Assuming that the images are OK, the probably cause of your inability
to put a map on top of a displayed image is the existence of a FrameN.M
(e.g., Frame1.0, Frame2.0, etc.) in your MCPATH that is not owned by
you.  Here is what you should do to determine if this is your problem:

1) in your McIDAS-X session run the following command:

   DMAP Frame

   Please email me the output from this invocation.

2) if the list shows a FrameN.M file in a subdirectory other than your
   $HOME/.mctmp/..., then the above is your problem.

In this case, you should EXIT your McIDAS session and try to delete
that FrameN.M file.  It is possible that this file may be owned by a
user other than yourself (like 'mcidas'), so you may have to contact
your system administrator and have him/her remove the file(s) for you.

Again, please email me the output from the DMAP command above.

>Kamal Thapa

Tom Yoksas

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