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20011030: AXFORM gives missing values for sounder images on OSF/1

>From: "Craddock, Mary Ellen" <address@hidden>
>Organization: TASC
>Keywords: 200110301942.f9UJgk112802 McIDAS-X OSF/1 AXFORM

Mary Ellen,

>       Well here's an even better more challenging problem...if you can
>imagine that!


>I run axform on the sounder area files from WI from our linux
>box which is running Unidata v7.803 with all updates and addendums with
>wonderful success. When I run axform.k on the same AREA file on our dec
>alphas also running Unidata v7.803 I get all missing values...even though I
>can visually display the AREA file which clearly has data.  

OK, so AXFORM, or some routine that it calls, has a problem with the
word size on OSF/1.  Since AXFORM is a standard McIDAS application, I
am hard pressed to _not_ support it :-)

>       I'm beginning to think I'm cursed....is it halloween yet?

Its not you, it is the OSF/1 box!


Would it be possible for me to get one of the AREA files that you
are having problems with?  This will be crutial in troubleshooting.
It would be best if I could FTP the file from your, or, if that is not
possible, you could FTP it to me:

machine: ftp.unidata.ucar.edu
user: umcidas
pass: XXXXXX
directory: incoming/data
mode: binary

Who knows, with a little luck it may be that AXFORM calls the same routine
that needs an OSF/1 fix as REMAP does.  You got to hope...


>From address@hidden Tue Oct 30 15:19:34 2001
>Subject: RE: 20011030: AXFORM gives missing values for sounder images on OSF/1

        I'll attempt an ftp of the AREA file to you tomorrow when our sys
admin can hook me up so to speak....in the meantime I think that you might
be able to recreate the problem by remapping an image file and then running
axform.k on it.         Here's an interesting thing...I linked to the
axform.k executable from unidata v7.7 and it works!  So, it's something with
our compile/link to v7.8. I checked the compile log files from when we
installed v7.8 and there were no warnings or errors when it compiled

Mary Ellen

>From address@hidden Thu Nov  1 14:00:55 2001
>Subject: RE: 20011030: AXFORM gives missing values for sounder images on OSF/1

        I have uploaded an area file to the ftp site you gave me. The name
of the file is AREA2000 and is located in /incoming/data on the unidata ftp
site unidata.ucar.edu.  Let me know what results you get by running on
axform on your dec alpha. Just to let you know I'll be on a business trip
all of next week and I won't be able to check emails.  Thanks for your help.

Mary Ellen

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