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20010912: McIDAS; SFCMG and off-hours reports (cont.)

>From: Christian Page <address@hidden>
>Organization: Universite du Quebec a Montreal
>Keywords: 200109060800.f8680j120055 McIDAS-X SFCMG


>There is one potential bug in sfcmg.c (line 1809):
>  elem = pan_left + 3;
>  line = can_top + ((can_bottom - can_top) / 2) + height + 4;
>  ok = McDrawText ("TD[F]", 0, color, height, line, elem, "BEG", "HOR", 2, 0);
>  elem = pan_right - 3;
>  ok = McDrawText ("TD[C]", 0, color, height, line, elem, "END", "HOR", 2, 0);
>TD[F] is always written to the left, assuming that Amercian units are always
>on the left and Metric to the right.

I must be missing something.  What is the potential bug?  The temperature,
dew point, altimeter or sea level pressure, and cloud level time series
are always plotted with American units on the left and Metric units on
the right side.  The only part of the meteorogram that changes between
unit conventions is the visibility which is plotted as numerical values.

What am I missing in your comment?


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