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20010821: using STNPLOT to label radar displays

>From: Robert Mullenax <address@hidden>
>Organization: NSBF
>Keywords: 200108211939.f7LJd0118405 McIDAS STNPLOT


>I would like to print out full city names for some radar maps
>I am doing.  There is not enough room in the first entry
>of a station table to speel out the full name of many cities.
>Is there any way to use stnplot to plot the 3rd column,
>the name?

Even though your original subject line indicated that you are asking
about GEMPAK 5.6d, I couldn't resist responding for McIDAS, especially
given that you are asking about a program called STNPLOT.

In McIDAS, one can, in fact, plot the full name of station using the
STNPLOT command.  Here is an illustrative example:


Apparently, the ability to specify NAME as the value for FORMAT= was left
out of the documentation.

Please let me know if this question really was about GEMPAK.  If so,
I will leave it in the inbox for Chiz to get to when he returns from
vacation next week.


>From address@hidden Tue Aug 21 20:19:00 2001
>Subject: Re: 20010821: using STNPLOT to label radar displays

Yes Tom the question was about the GEMPAK parameter STNPLT.
I was thinking about McIDAS at the time and go the two confused.
I did not know about the McIDAS FORM=NAME option..that will
be helpful as well.  I know I can use GARP to plot parameters
other than the first column, so I figure I should be able to do it in a 


BTW I have address@hidden forwarded to this account and
use it at times.

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