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20010727: McIDAS output formats -GOES-10 - raw sensor counts? navigation information? (cont.)

>From: Scott Gennari <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Hawaii
>Keywords: 200105300133.f4U1XDp04854 McIDAS


>I've made some progress generating the products discussed below.
>The problem I am having is related to dumping a subset of an
>area file through AXFORM. Bascially I need need to extract
>a 512x512 image centered on latlon=19 156. This is easily
>viewed with
>       imgdisp g10/ir5 latlon=19 156
>What I need to do now is dump this 512x512 region
>through axform, and not the entire area file.
>How can I generate/create a subset of an AREA file
>centered on a lat/lon so I can run it through AXFORM
>       axform <area subset 512x512> outfilename nav=yes

The simplest thing to do is to create a new AREA that is the subset that you
want and then run it through AXFORM.  Here is an invocation of IMGCOPY
that should work for you:

o if you havn't already created the MYDATA dataset, do it first:


o now, see if you have an a particular element of the dataset.  This will
  be something that you do not want to exist since you will be creating it:


o if the MYDATA/IMAGES.1234 dataset element (AREA file) does not exist, then
  create it:


  See the IMGCOPY online help or online McIDAS User's Guide section on
  IMGCOPY for more information.

>I need to run the subset through AXFORM in order
>to dump the lat/lon information for each pixel.

I understand.

>I've given up on projecting the data as it
>appears IMGREMAP  only alows 1-byte/8 bit
>output, I need 2-byte for calibration purposes 
>so I've dropped the projection step.

>Thanks for any advice.

Give IMGCOPY a try.


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