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20010427: McIDAS area format

>From: Jason Law <address@hidden>
>Organization: USF
>Keywords: 200104271911.f3RJBFL16947 McIDAS Matlab


>       I am a graduate student of physical oceanography at the Univ of
>South Florida.  As part of my thesis I am trying to look at boundary
>current interactions with the outer shelf regions using GOES seasurface
>temperature data that is in the McIDAS area (image) format.  I would like
>to be able to read the data into Matlab but I am unfamiliar with McIDAS

A description of the McIDAS AREA file format can be found in:

Unidata McIDAS-X:
Miscellaneous Documents


McIDAS Programmer's Reference Manual 

>Do you have any suggestions as to how I may be able to get the
>image data into Matlab for viewing and calculations?

Since I have never used Matlab, I can't say what options may exist
there.  I have a hunch, however, that Matlab may be able to do
something with an image if it is in netCDF format.  If this is the
case, and if you have access to McIDAS, you can use McIDAS to write the
image into a netCDF file.

>Any help you can
>give me in regards to this problem is greatly appreciated.  Thanks you.

Do you have McIDAS available?  If so, it may well be the case that you
can use McIDAS to do all of the calculations on the image (image
manipulation and analysis is McIDAS forte).

Tom Yoksas

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