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20010111: installation of XCD at Plymouth (cont.)

>From: Jim Koermer <address@hidden>
>Organization: Unidata Program Center
>Keywords: 200101080056.f080uCo08251 Unidata McIDAS-XCD installation 



>I ingest the McIDAS data on cyclone.plymouth.edu.

I got back onto cyclone last night to finish the McIDAS-X and XCD
installations and to setup the LDM to run XCD decoding processes, but I
don't see an LDM being run from cyclone.  Also, in looking at the setup
it appears that perhaps mammatus is the box that is ingesting data with
the LDM and writing McIDAS image data to /data/mcidas.  Interestingly,
some AREA files in /data/mcidas-c are being updated, but I can't tell
from which machine.

>I'm not sure how LDM and XCD work or if it's just a pointing issue like
>the GINI data.

The basic flow for how XCD works with the LDM is:

o ldmd.conf is modified to start the McIDAS-X supervisory process, startxcd.k,
  upon LDM startup

o pqact.conf is modified to send all textual data to the XCD textual ingestor;
  binary data (model output) is sent to the XCD binary ingestor

o the McIDAS account is setup with appropriate file REDIRECTions and decoding
  definitions so that output data files are put where desired

o either the 'ldm' or 'mcidas' accounts are setup to scour the XCD-produced
  data files

Any insight you could provide on which machine needs to be setup to
run XCD processes would be greatly appreciated.  I will then load 7.7x
on that machine and setup its LDM.


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