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20010119: McIDAS-X build problems (cont.)

>From: "Eddy" <address@hidden>
>Organization: CCNY
>Keywords: 200101161637.f0GGbmo03822 McIDAS-X ADDE mcinet7.7.sh RedHat 7.0 Linux


>everything is cool xinetd is ready to roll but when try to run
>it gave me this message:
>" To configure inetd to allow remote access to the server account's
>  files, run the command
>        sh ./mcinet7.7.sh install server-account-name
>To undo this, run the command
>        sh ./mcinet7.7.sh uninstall server-account-name "

The mcinet7.7.sh was designed to work with systems that are running
inetd.  RedHat 7.0 Linux no longer runs inetd.  The procedures listed
in the Notes and Warnings online document:


describe what you have to do on RedHat 7.0 Linux to get the remote
server setup.

>ok my server is cirrus and the account is mcidas
>do I put
>        sh ./mcinet7.7.sh install cirrus-mcidas

The syntax on a system that is running inetd would be:

sh ./mcinet7.7.sh install mcadde

You would have to create the 'mcadde' account before doing this
(so there would be an entry in /etc/passwd).  Please review the
instructions for the creation of the 'mcadde' account in the
online doucmentation:

Preparing the mcidas and mcadde Accounts


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