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20010116: RTNEXRAD ADDE service messed up with addition of GINI datasets

>From: Eirh-Yu Hsie <address@hidden>
>Organization: CU/CIRES
>Keywords: 200101161904.f0GJ4se05380 McIDAS ADDE


>I already set up all the GINI ADDE server products.

I saw that they were working just before I headed off to the AMS show
in Albuquerque, NM.

>After I set up the GINI 
>products.  I somehow mess up my NEXRAD set up.  When I try to display Nexrad 
>product through Unidata Menu system, it alway pops up a window with the 
>following message:
>No NIDS images found in dataset RTNEXRAD/NCR

I suspect that you made a typo in RESOLV.SRV when you added the GINI
entries.  This assumes, of course, that you edited RESOLV.SRV directly
to add the GINI entries.  The most common mistake made when editing
RESOLV.SRV directly is the omission of a comma at the end of one or
more lines.

>But the product should be there:
>stratus:[52]%  dsinfo.k X RTNEXRAD
>        Dataset Names of Type: IMAGE in Group: RTNEXRAD
>Name         NumPos   Content
>------------ ------   --------------------------------------
>N0R           9999    Base Reflectivity Tilt 1
>N0S           9999    Storm-Rel Mean Vel Tilt 1
>N0V           9999    Radial Velocity Tilt 1
>N0Z           9999    248 nm Base Reflectifity
>N1P           9999    1-hour Surface Rainfall
>N1R           9999    Base Reflectivity Tilt 2
>N1S           9999    Storm-Rel Mean Vel Tilt 2
>N1V           9999    Radial Velocity Tilt 2
>N2R           9999    Base Reflectivity Tilt 3
>N2S           9999    Storm-Rel Mean Vel Tilt 3
>N3R           9999    Base Reflectivity Tilt 4
>NCR           9999    Composite Reflectivity
>NET           9999    Echo Tops
>NTP           9999    Storm Total Rainfall
>NVL           9999    Vertical Liquid H2O
>    No Datasets found of Type: POINT in Group: RTNEXRAD
>    No Datasets found of Type: VPROF in Group: RTNEXRAD
>    No Datasets found of Type: GRID  in Group: RTNEXRAD
>    No Datasets found of Type: TEXT  in Group: RTNEXRAD
>    No Datasets found of Type: NAV   in Group: RTNEXRAD
>DSINFO -- done

If you edited RESOLV.SRV directly (RESOLV.SRV will be found in
~mcidas/workdata), then you should reedit the file and look for a
line _before_ the RTNEXRAD entries that looks incorrect.  Since these
lines are typically very long, you will need to make your xterm as wide
as it can go to do the edit (for example, 160 columns if you use 'vi').

>From address@hidden Tue Jan 16 12:12:42 2001

re: is scouring working for your GINI images
>It is OK. I am watching the Disk space carefully.  I reserve 10 GB for Gini 

OK, I just wanted to make sure that you had setup scouring of the GINI

If you can't find the problem in RESOLV.SRV, I am willing to take a look
if you give me the login to the machine running the ADDE remote server.


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